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You're Selling Your Home!

The decision to sell your home takes time and preparation. Homes by Realtor Erika offers several services to assist with that process. Our goal is to understand if the client has a profit margin, communicate current market trends, and ensure the sale is done as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

“We recently sold our home, and the experience couldn’t have been better. Erika showed genuine interest in our property and was respectful of our time and preferences.”

– Dr. Taundolyn suber-mitchell

how it works


Evaluate the Property

Assess the market value of the property, considering various factors. 


Create a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the sale. Such as photography, staging, or minor updates. 

Listing the Property

List the property on the MLS and other agreed upon websites.

Accept an offer

After all offers are presented and discussed. Accept the offer that's best. 


If all goes well with the appraisal, inspections, and loan commitment... it's time to celebrate! You've sold your home!

Have Questions About Selling?

Check out some FAQs for selling real estate in Columbia, SC.

Determining the selling price of your home involves several factors. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is used to compare your home’s features, location, etc to similar properties sold in your area. An appraisal can provide an unbiased opinion of your home’s value. Market conditions are also a selling factor. What does supply and demand currently look like? Is is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. This may require a more competitive price. 

When determining whether or not to hire a real estate agent, consider the time and effort it will take to sell your home. Selling involves numerous tasks like marketing, listing, negotiating and legal procedures. Consider whether you have the market knowledge. Real estate agents have specialized expertise and insights, which can help you determine an optimal listing price. It can be helpful to weigh the pros and cons, consider your specific circumstances, and potentially consult with a real estate agent to make an informed decision.

  1. Clean and declutter: Start by creating a spacious and more organized environment. Remove personal items, excess furniture, and any unnecessary items.
  2. Repairs and maintenance: Address any necessary repairs and maintenance. Fix leaky faucets, cracked tiles, paint, etc. This could potentially attract more buyers and increase the home’s value. 
  3. Enhance curb appeal: First impressions matter. Focus on improving your home’s exterior appearance if needed. 
  4. Professional photography: Quality photos play a significant role in attracting potential buyers online. A professional photographer can capture your home’s best angles, lighting, and overall appeal. 
  5. Set a competitive price: Pricing your home correctly from the start can attract more buyers and potentially lead to a quicker sale. 

Yes, you can sell your home while you have an existing mortgage. It’s important to determine the exact amount you owe on your mortgage, so you understand how much is needed to pay off from the sale proceeds. Equity is anything that you receive after paying off the mortgage and associated selling costs. 

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